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About Me


Elaine Nicholson


I am a trainee body psychotherapist and I am registered with the The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). 


I recently completed four years of body psychotherapy training at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre (CBPC) - Summer 2021 - and am working towards accreditation over the coming 2 to 3 years.


In the other half of my working life, I work as an autism-specialist counsellor.  In 2010 I did a master’s degree in which I evaluated a bespoke model of counselling for lives adversely affected by Asperger’s syndrome, and from that I went on to establish a charity – Action for Asperger’s – in which all counsellors counselled according to the model I had created.


The bespoke model that I created involved observing and attending to an individual’s sensory sense of self, whereby the client designed the counselling space so that they felt their optimum self within the counselling session. This led me to Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre in 2017, when, in September of that year I embarked upon a 4-year training to become a body psychotherapist. I could see synergy between the model I had created and body psychotherapy.


My training journey has been an interesting journey, delving deeply into body psychotherapy while observing both theory and practice. I am the wiser for it. An additional reason – a personal reason – was that I wanted to make “peace” with my own body after a botched surgery impacted my daily life and likely brought on the fibromyalgia that is part of who I am today. 


Through my training, and the personal psychotherapy that accompanied it - and continues to accompany my traineeship - I have been able to experience both enlightenment and peace, and from this vantage point, I wish the same for any individual who becomes my client.

UKCP member no: 2011166457

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